Our UNIQUE games were 'born' at a facility for senior citizens, yet are enjoyed by people of many ages

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the original


Take On the Topic! categories game

 What's That Saying? game

               Senior Sez games....a full suite of entertainment!
                  The popularity of our original Trivia game led to the development of extra
                  sets of trivia questions (still with just 2 answer choices!) plus new games!


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>    Play anywhere

>  No pens, paper, or table needed!

>  Score with colorful wrist bands

>  Bring back memories

>  Promote enthusiasm and debate

>  Encourage social interaction

>  Play in teams or one-on-one

>  Stimulating and fun

>  Appropriate for many levels of functioning

>  Wide variety of trivia, categories,

     and sayings = wide audience appeal