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Thumbs Up for Senior Sez games!


Our games were designed with seniors in mind. In fact, our original Trivia game was developed with help from senior citizens themselves.


Simplicity. Fun. Flexibility. These are hallmarks of Senior Sez games, which are beloved by senior citizens -- and their friends and families alike.









Senior Sez games are easy to learn and are adaptable to participants' needs.

Play one-on-one or on teams. A team may include just 1 or 2 players -- or as many as you'd like!


So let your group stay put in their comfortable lounge. Or entertain them on a bus trip. You won't need paper, pens, pencils,

or a table to play these games. 


The wide variety of content in each game promotes fairness and ensures enjoyment by all!


Reminisce. Laugh. Debate. Challenge minds. And, most importantly, have fun!


Senior Sez games are enjoyed in living rooms and lounges, outdoors, on bus trips, at churches (and other houses of worship),

at birthday parties, during family reunions, at holiday gatherings -- and in many other settings

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