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Take On the Topic! in this fun-filled categories game.... 


Very little structure is needed for this open-ended game of topics.


Players take turns naming things that belong in a given category until the possibilities have been exhausted -- or until a certain number of items have been named. You make the rules!


Take On the Topic! includes 44 games, each containing 9 categories plus a Just for Fun topic!



Hundreds of categories included!

Here are a few to appetize you...


Famous TV dads


Songs containing the word "love"


Names for your backside


Donut flavors


Discount stores


Services that are free to seniors


Celebrity golfers

Once the 9 categories have been played,

conclude by sharing thoughts and memories

on the Just for Fun topic. Be forewarned....

belly laughs are on the way!


 > What is your least favorite vegetable?


 > Things that give you a headache


 > Something you often lose or misplace


 > Things you wish your granchildren

    wouldn't do







44 games, each with 10 topics total


30 colorful wrist bands



Instructions for group and one-on-one play


Packaged in a durable, portable case



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