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What's That Saying?


Hmmmm.....what the heck IS that saying?  How does it go


Players try to recall popular sayings through clue words from the saying itself.

This game includes hundreds of well-known sayings. Be the first to guess the saying -- correctly!


As with our other games, What's That Saying? is adaptable to its audience. Make the game harder by giving fewer clue words. Make it easier by stating the words in order of their appearance in the saying.


After each game of 9 sayings, everyone makes up their own saying from another set of words. Enjoy the clever creations! Make your own expression from words such as prunes and tickle, dentures and martini, bald and dull, manners and monkey.



44 games, each with 9 sayings plus an "invent your own" activity


20 colorful wrist bands (latex-free)


Instructions for group and one-on-one play


Packaged in a durable, portable case


Can you identify each saying from the

clue words provided?


       wise ~ man ~ rise                   takes ~ tango    


            old ~ sissies                   about ~ bones


         vinegar ~ flies                    sell ~ eskimo


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