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                                  Cure afternoon zzzzzzz'with the Trivia game


                                                Which supermarket came first ~ the A&P or the Piggly Wiggly?

                                                    Which bumper stick was popular in 1952 ~ "I Like Ike" or "Phooey on Dewey"?

                                                         Does the Pillsbury dough boy have a bellybutton? (Yes or No)


The TRIVIA game, our flagship product, is replete with questions on a huge variety of topics, so that EVERYONE will be entertained. Music, Movies, Geography, History, Sports, Games, Fun Facts, to name a few of the many!


This hodgepodge will keep your audience amused. Altogether, there are 35 individual games (350 questions).


Best of all, each question contains only TWO possible answers -- so there's always a 50% chance of accuracy! This will boost

their confidence! For added fun (or to make the game easier or harder), substitute your own incorrect answer.



Need more questions?  No problem!  


ENCORE edition:  Jam-packed with 250 new questions for your TRIVIA game! Topics resemble

those in the main game.


ENTERTAINMENT edition:  Add another 250 questions on the most-loved topics of movies,

television, radio, theater, music, books, and more!


Below are some questions from the supplements. See if you get them right!


   Which actress was known as "the sarong girl" ~ Betty Hutton or Dorothy Lamour?


         On which eye did Charlie McCarthy wear his monocle ~ Left or Right?


               Which Alfred Hitchcock movie came first ~ Rear Window  or North by Northwest?




35 ten-question games


44 colorful wrist bands



Instructions for group and one-on-one play


Packaged in a durable, portable case



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